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The act of a third party member masturbating two erect males whose penis' are touching by their tips. The handjob giver will slide his hand in a horizontal motion from the end of one penis to the other. This act is usually accompanied by the use of a water-based lubricant and great forearm strength by the masturbator. Coined on February 28th in the year of 2010 by the Great Snail, Slug Tugging has since become a National Pastime of all very masculine heterosexual males.

Note: The masturbator cannot be a woman because that would be just pretty fucking gay.
Snail: Hey Faggot Joe, come give me and this attractive non-ethnic, white male a god damn Slug Tug.

Faggot Joe: Yes sir.

Snail: Good bitch.
by SnailTheSlugTugger March 01, 2010