adj. a state of severe sluggishness or yuckiness, caused by over consumption or illness.
"I feel kinda slucky."
by Haxor the Cleavor February 22, 2004
Top Definition
Getting a break of good luck in something when your sloppiness should have caused it to fail.
I didn't pay attention to what I was doing and ran into a group of enemies, but somehow I came out alive. That was slucky!
by CenturionOmegaI March 15, 2009
Being so incomprehensibly slutty and ditsy that a new word was devised to express the true nature and magnitude of one's sluttiness. Myth dictates that once lived a half-mortal who was so slutty that she made the geisha of Japanese emperors feel like the nuns of Avalon. This adjective therefore bears the name of this allegorical creature called Lucky.
Person 1: Did you hear, Angie made out with 6 guys last night.
Person 2: Yeah man, she was definitely slucky last night.
by Balocky November 05, 2007
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