The country of Slovakia in central european nothing to do with russia or poland like english people seem to think.
What slovakia is like
by Davem7slovak September 30, 2008
Slovakia is a country in CENTRAL EUROPE not Western Europe! Slovakia is not associated with Slovenia.

Do not classify us as Russians its rude and racist..

Slovakia has the most beautiful girls and guys in the world! WE OWN HOCKEY WHOOOT WHOOT!
Slovakia is a total party place where people live great lives. I love SLOVAKIA! <3 <3 <3
George: "Are you Russian?"
Ivana: "No , I am from Slovakia."
George: "Same thing."
Ivana: "No you idiot!! SLOVAKIA has nothing to do with Russia you american idiot!"
George: "I'm Canadian."
Ivana: "Same shit."
by slovakpride May 21, 2012
The best place to go period. Its a country filled with hot guys, beautiful girls, clubs, bars, and great dances. You can basically do whatever you want there. They are amazing at playing hockey and soccer. They really know how to dance and sing there. Drinking is their like life. That and smoknig. If you love to party and have fun then Slovakia is where you want to go. Eurotrip and Hostile give Slovakia a sucky reputation. Everyone is Slovakia has your back no matter what.Slovakia is awesome!
The Slovakian Mafia bitch.
by m o n i c a x3x3 October 26, 2008
Known as Hungary for 1000 years and then as Czechoslovakia for little more than half a century.
random guy1: Did you know that Slovakia has only existed for 13 years?
random guy2: Hey, I like Slovenia!
by tonio009 April 19, 2009
a country in europe that i had to leave because people we're too racist;

being called a "neger" and a "cernoch" (n*g*er and black person) every day is not fun. and the teacher gave me the nickname choclate, and the skinheads would often beat my dad up.

but its not just blacks that slovaks like to pick on, there is a lot of gypsy (Roma, cigani) people in slovakia and their life is just hell. slovaks will not want to hire them, and then they say that gyspys don't want to work, wtf? i remember once, the government was doing some sht to gypsy mothers so that they could not have children, a way of contorolling the gypsy population i guess. everyone hated gypsys they have to live in dirty buildings and live a dirty poor life. basically if you are not white, you will be picked on
sorry slovakia, but im never coming back
by i spread truth February 24, 2011
country not to be confused with Slovenia. But no1 knows the difference neway.
by jack June 19, 2003

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