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A sloud, is a mixture of cloud and sun. its when the cloud covers the sun, but the sun still shines through. also, its the small clouds, which allow sun to pass through them.
"its very sloudy today"
"yeah, you can see that there are those small clouds that are covering the sun but you still have sunlight everywhere"
by lezpaul March 17, 2009
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the combination of slutty and loud. Usually occurs when a girl who is loud drinks too much
Dana, Val and Ali were so sloud this weekend
by alandoe December 16, 2010
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Whenever a snail is stepped on, they rise to their own little heaven and rest on the Slouds (slimey clouds) =
"OMG i just killed a snail!"
"dont worry, he'll sleep on the Slouds tonight..."
by BaconMcSandwhich July 05, 2009
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so loud that it's sloud.....
Jerry G. was reelin' one out so wicked and you turned it up SLOUD!!!!!! Peace!!!
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