Used as an adjective to describe the extreme wetness of a vagina after more than one session of sexual intercourse.
Husband: Hey Honey?
Wife: What sweetie?
Husband: Your pussy seemed awfully sloshy last night.
Wife: What do you mean?
Husband: I mean you were probably fucking somebody before I stuck my dick in you. You fucking whore!
Wife: That is a nice thing to say.
Husband: Well, stop fucking other guys or at least use a rubber. You sloshy cunted slut!
Wife: You cut to the center of me.
by SpeakTruth April 17, 2008
Top Definition
A term used to describe getting drunk.
"Lets get sloshy!"
by itsdannygray December 05, 2012
A band in the homestar runner universe which is commonly recognized for their single, "We don't really even car about you."
I went to go see a Sloshy concert last night. They were awesome!
by Crack Stuntman December 04, 2007
a state of the penis that is not a true erection but is harder than normal.
Dude that looking at that guy's ass made me sloshy, i must be at least a little bit gay.
by boredingrotonsomemore November 23, 2008
state of extreme drunkeness that is only reached after mixing perscription pills and alcohol. Usually results in complete memory loss.
"I dont know what happened last night. That xanex had me sloshy"
by Benk January 02, 2005
Slushies, slurpees or slush puppy drinks made with alcohol
I got sloshed last night at the beach. Drank way too many sloshies!
by dethleib June 09, 2016
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