dirty wet gross fanny
ergh, yesterday i fingered emma i was sloshin around in there for hours.

Jade scratched her fanny yday it was like slosh slosh she sloshed around in there good n properr bwoii
by hall yeah! May 01, 2009
A beverage, generally alcoholic, that gets ya fucked up.
Easy on the slosh there, buddy.
by The Resident Pirate December 31, 2007
The noise the penis makes from the moisture of jerking off. (EX. the sounds the banana makes when you open and close your mouth)
That girl last night sloshed me so good.
by Sally Hardnips March 23, 2009
Extreme version of sket.
Dora's a slosh for getting pregnant at 13
Your mums a slosh =)
by Youngah Devious July 22, 2005
when a woman pesures herself with a dildo/vibrater the noise it makes is *slosh*
girls all i could think about last night was sloshing to a picture of that guy from high school musical
by Kalor November 17, 2007
A Hoe who is a Complete Utter Idiot and is dillusion about her sexual status and tends to be used as practice for other boys .
That girl gave Oral sex to all my mates and me cause she's a slosh
by BADMANEN3 October 16, 2005
Female masturbation. See wet.
cause i could never look at a guy celebrity or if i spent that last night sloshing to him
by Jabbapop February 03, 2005

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