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Someone who is a slut, whore, and a bitch all at the same damn time
Kasey is such a slortch for slapping Jamie and then T - Bagging her agressively, I hate her!
by Kered Nosliw November 27, 2011
cross of a slut, whore, and bitch.
also lately refered to as my old lady

That fucking slortch was with another guy again last night!
by disgruntled July 29, 2003
A term combining the words, "Slut" "Whore" and "Bitch" by taking the Sl from "Slut", the or
from "Whore" and the ch from "Bitch"

Used to describe a person unfavorably.
Jeff's sister is such a Slortch
by Netami March 25, 2003
A slut, whore, and a bitch all rolled up into one.
You were right, that ex-girlfriend of mine was a filthy slortch.
by andyomega May 04, 2010
When the word Bitch, Slut or Whore doesn't cover it, a combination of all three.
Man, I can't believe that slortch cheated on you with a homless guy while you were paying all her bills.

Wow, she really is treating me like crap, what a slortch.
by dodgermutt February 02, 2010
"SL" - Slut
"OR" - Whore
"TCH" - Bitch
When you know a girl that will do what ever it takes to get what she wants even if it means destroying her own world and yours. After destroying the two worlds, she moves onto a new one. This type of girl is what is known as a slortch. She will take advantage of you, and not care about anyone else.
by AJLH2 July 30, 2008
means slut, hore, and bitch combined
She is such a slortch, she hooked up with my ex.
by Lex Apez and Britt Beer January 07, 2008
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