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Slorebag. derived from the word slore. Someone so slutty she (or he) seems to also be a bag of STD's.
That Catherine is a slorebag! she gave everybody syphillis
by Vanish October 19, 2004
a female that is so permiscuous she is at once a slut, whore and scumbag. these females are always good for a shit on the chest.
that vanessa chick is such a fuckin slorebag
by Dirty Bird Clothing February 20, 2006
A not so often done triple combination of three words; slut, whore, and douche bag. This is a word used to describe a person who embodies the personality traits of a slut, whore, and a douche bag. Do not be mistaken, for this person can be male or female.
Girl: you know danny?
Boy: Which danny? slore bag danny or fat danny?
Girl. slore bag danny
Boy: yeah, what of him?
Girl: he got another girl pregnant and skipped town
by IeatRICEandPORKsausage October 09, 2011
adj. a person with the intentions of being a slut and/or whore at the same time; usually male.
Alex was a total slore-bag last night after getting with me and emily.
by K.wright November 26, 2005
n. to describe a female that is capable of being a slew, slut, whore, hoebag simultaneously
Didn't she sleep with bobby?" "Who hasnt she slept with" "Jeezus could she be a bigger fucking slorebag
by wsm021 April 04, 2011
a bombastic combination of a slut and a whore both of which refer to people who have sex with multiple partners different times or many partners at the same time. This term was probably extracted from a mindless show like Gossip Girl and is most commonly used by girls with low IQs.
I don't like that slorebag because she dated my ex-boyfriend.
by syllikesjeff November 11, 2009
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