The finest establishment with a liquor license in Central Ohio. An oasis of drunkness in a barren wilderness of sobriety.
Jay was loko schiavo christo brochachoed at Sloppy Donkey three days last week.
by jose6969696969 January 12, 2011
When a guy and a girl are having anal sex in doggy style and the guy comes in the girl's ass. The girl then proceeds to fart while braying like a donkey.
We were doing the sloppy donkey last night and now my room smells of cum and fart.
by Donkeylover69 May 30, 2009
1. noun- a bar in Columbus near OSU that serves to underage kids looking for a good time.
2. noun/adj. - when a person has become or is at the stage of intoxication where looks like a sloppy mess of an animal such as a donkey
lets all go to the Sloppy Donkey so we can watch Chad and Andrew get slop donk!
by (E) December 30, 2009

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