when two people try to get each other off and the first person to get off says "And that was the way it was"
they performed a Sloppy Cronkite with immaculate composure.
by Jon Stewart January 30, 2007
To wipe your pre-cum on the upper lip of your partner before he/she blows you, giving him/her a Walter Cronkite-like moustache.
By the way, I actually believe the last time that Doocy used the phrase "this is huge" is when he and Hannity were caught in the broom closet at the Christmas party giving each other a sloppy Cronkite. What? You never had a sloppy Cronkite?!
by JoeT January 30, 2007
When two people try to get each other off, and the first one to get off says, "That was the way it was."
Hannity & Colmes were caught in a closet giving each other Sloppy Cronkites.
by Muddy Guy January 30, 2007

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