Variant of "sloppy dog bomb ass head".
"Give me sloppy dog"

"Last night she went down and gave me sloppy dog"
by Tad January 14, 2005
Top Definition
someone that you can usually find hanging around in west london play-parks stealing ice-creams, drinking red-stripe and shouting at mums also known as a nonce, a jeckle and a leach.

they have a don't care about anybody or anything attitude towards society and occasionally punch their mums in the face & or sexually assault their dads.

Sloppy dog's are usually be spotted noncing in packs of "boi's" or "ringers" at local community centre's. For amusement they play knock down ginger & knock their knuckles on a hard surface to produce a beat while making clicking or humming noises with their mouths to attract kids. Beware.. They are very aggressive and enjoy fighting and touching kids!

It is easy to become a nonce, leach or jackle if you watch the moronic ways of the Sloppy dog's for to long!
#Ringer1: Oi Boi's, i think izzy's coming to the squat party tonight...

#Ringer2: Why you watching her for, shes 15 you "Sloppy dog"

#Ringer1: you cant talk, you wifed it for 3months you "Leach"

#Ringer3: You man are both "Nonces"...

#Ringer4: Oi you "jeckle" (Ringer3) i swear i see you liking her facebook pictures.

You man are all Sloppy Dogs.
by MjpChase September 15, 2014
The most amazing head a guy could ask for..extremely satisfying and sometimes filled with saliva.

Sometimes shortened to "sloppy"
Ex: They got that sloppy dog last night and couldn't move after!

Ex: She gives that sloppy every night, especially Mondays!
by NayNay Rozay June 20, 2011
the God of counter-strike
Sloppy dog will kill you if you dont stfu
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
A dog of any breed lacking in basic table manors.
Person: Bad Dog! You're not supposed to use a salad fork for your eggs...
Dog: (vigorously licks own ass)
Person: That's more like it.
by Nettled June 04, 2004
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