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Variant of "sloppy dog bomb ass head".
"Give me sloppy dog"

"Last night she went down and gave me sloppy dog"
by Tad January 14, 2005
The most amazing head a guy could ask for..extremely satisfying and sometimes filled with saliva.

Sometimes shortened to "sloppy"
Ex: They got that sloppy dog last night and couldn't move after!

Ex: She gives that sloppy every night, especially Mondays!
by NayNay Rozay June 20, 2011
the God of counter-strike
Sloppy dog will kill you if you dont stfu
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
A dog of any breed lacking in basic table manors.
Person: Bad Dog! You're not supposed to use a salad fork for your eggs...
Dog: (vigorously licks own ass)
Person: That's more like it.
by Nettled June 04, 2004
a leet cs player
by Anonymous April 17, 2003