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Refers to any individual who is exceptionally filthy in at least one aspect of his or her life (filthy in the literal sense - dirty, unclean, begrimed).

Can be said as "slop-DOC-tor" for added emphasis.
Person #1 - Hey man, somebody left rotting chicken flesh all over your counter, and the juices all drained out and glued your dishes to the counter-top. And for fuck's sake there's even maggots!

Person #2 - Yeah, well that's my roommate for you. He's a real SLOPDOCTOR.

Person #1 - Raunchy. Want to smoke a blunt after I finish vomiting?

Person #2 - Most definitely. Hey watch out for the urine-soaked towels in the bathroom...he's really bad about those.

Person #1 - Yeah I see them. Squalid. I like this wiry black carpet though BLEHHHhhhhhh.

Person #2 - We don't have a carpet in the bathroom...
by Jonny Balls and the Seadogs November 14, 2008
A person who is unusually dirty, scummy, or all around nasty
man, did you smell that fucker?
Yea, he's one hell of a slop doctor
by thunder balls November 29, 2009