a girl that cant hold her booze and normally gets a train ran on her donkey butt
Man that girls the biggest slop tart, she can say her name cuz shes always gotta dick in her mouth.
by justin c. October 21, 2003
a slop tart is a girl you may see at 2- 4am at the bar/club wearing close to nothing and highly intoxicated.She is sloppy,sluty and retarded enough to be taken advantage of.
hey G check out that slop tart dancing,u see the ass comin out of those shorts? what a sloppp!im going to go buy her a drink and hope i get lucky.
by mikkee bbbbb September 04, 2009
Someone who is just a complete sloppy train wreck!!!
"Wow. That girl is such a slop tart!!!"
by LawCoLaw June 29, 2009
A college or high school-aged girl who can't hold her alcohol.
"I had to clean up after my sister and her slop tart friends after they puked in my car."
by Ro Jo March 26, 2008
A woman who has lost all ability to function normally normally due to alcohol.
You see that total sloptart at Barry's party last weekend?
by DERepoGuy May 30, 2016
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