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A cross between a slop tart and a hippopotamus
Deena is SUCH a sloppopotamus
by NewfieKane February 28, 2011
A Slop Tart and a Hippopotamus Put Together---as seen on the Jersey Shore.
Dat girl be retardly drunk--what a sloppopotamus.
by sloptard March 02, 2011
1. A hot mess.

2. All over the place and drunk.
Damn son you seen that chick, she was a sloppopotamus! She was all over the place!
by Infamous252 February 17, 2011
someone who drinks until blacking out, usually spotted falling over, half asleep but still trying to talk but only mumbling vulgarity, typically quite the whore and can be spotted dancing around with her crusty panties hanging out that she has worn the past week. May or may not be fat like a hippo but deffinately the grimiest bitch at the party.
guy 1: what was that girl I just danced withs name I think it was kerryann or some shit like that.

guy 2: who cares bro she was a complete sloppopotamus
by kurbyy May 30, 2011
Nick Lesson
Look at Nick Lesson and his soggy short stack. He's such a sloppopotamus
by The Walrus89 May 30, 2011

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