the act of getting extremely intoxicated to the point where "sloppy" is surpassed, making bad decisions is inevitable, and waking up not remembering anything becomes routine
Tonight we're dancing to Ke$ha and getting sloptarts!!!
by JNizz November 23, 2010
A word simply defined by how closely it describes the pop-star Ke$ha
Sloptart 1: So, what are we gonna do tonight?

Sloptart 2: Well, let's see- WWKD?
by MUTTONBUSTER October 24, 2011
An underage female who consumes excessive amounts of alcohol on most days of the week with no regard to school, friends, or family.

Chronic drunkenness is a key factor along with, but not limited to, losing car keys in dangerous areas, out of control slutty behavior, laying in the middle of the street, and being picked up by police.
It is also indicative of a "sloptart" to falsely accuse herself of being hammered drunk in order to have intercourse with a total stranger. This not only makes her feel better about herself, but tricks others into thinking she is making a drunken mistake.

Feel free to add adjectives in front of "sloptart" to better personalize the term.
Danielle is laying in the street again after screwing that random guy.... What a sloptart...

"Hey bro! I was thinking of hooking up with this chick. What you think?"

- "Nah man, she is a dirty sloptart."
by Marley Beck October 26, 2011
heavy set male generally messy looking, has that dont give a fuck attitude, has weird wide eyed look and works a pepboys
slop-tart... to the parts counter
by class 2011 redneck January 02, 2011
A women that has been sexually penetrated so many times that her tart is sloppy.
Nichole is a sloptart!
by FetaChita November 02, 2010
A desert that has been poorly made.
I was eating a sloptart last night and it left a bad taste in my mouth.
by Ben Bitchell May 01, 2009
a douchebag
Ur such a fuckign sloptart for sayign that shit brad
by justin January 27, 2004

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