Sloob (slüb): n. Nick Burris and Linda Thach's friendship; A relationship based on loyalty, trust, jokes and laughs, lots and lots of laughs and jokes. Shared between you and your best friend. Sloob is used because there is no word in the world to describe how worthy the friendship is. When experiencing sloob, you and your best friend must become each other's 'everything' buddy; Laughing buddies, chuckling buddies, anger buddies, venting buddies, giggling buddies, etc. Sloob will one day make its way into historical textbooks. The word means you and your companion must share everything, which also means you guys share telepathy. Sloob is limitless, full of surprises, and the answer to every damn question out there. You never question the word. Ever. If you do, sloob does not exist to you and you don't quite understand the meaning just yet. You know you've finally achieve sloob with your best friend when you both are capable of doing everything. The bird is no longer the word, sloob is now the word. Sloob comes from an Asian root word. There is nothing greater than sloob. Sloob > Everything. Sloob = Magic.
If I were to have sloob with my best friend, my life would be complete.
by AyeYoGurl August 10, 2010
Top Definition
The term sloob comes from a combination of the words Slut and Noob. A sloob is typically a female that is unattractive and/or an inexperienced alcohol consumer, leading to overtly drunken behavior. Sloobs represent the lowest class of college slutty girl. Antonym: Honey
"Yo man, I was so wasted last night, I slayed that sloob that walked into my basement."
"Gross bro."
by JBAMA April 10, 2010
A slang word referring to a girl. Its precise meaning is determined by the context, the tone, or modifying words that precedes it.
You're such a sloob!
by surferbiker October 20, 2006
When a girl is giving a sloopy blow job so you jizz in her eye
My Gf was bad last night so i gave her a sloob
by blaa May 04, 2006
A lazy sloppy person that does not clean up after themselves. they often are seen at McDonald's leaving their trash on the table.
I hate going to McDonald's because sloobs leave their trash every were.
by apple seller May 18, 2013
Sloob is the worst of all four letter words, which is why it has five letters.
Sloob is short for sloobadial.
To call a white male a sloob or sloobadial, is equal to calling a woman a c***, or a person of african descent a honky or cracker.
White men use it as a term of endurment to each other.
You're a stupid sloobadail; Sloob you!;
by sizemcbass January 25, 2009
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