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A person whose sexual desires include people, animals, or objects that are moving slowly. Awkward situations arise (literally) around the elderly.
"Mom, Dad... I'm a slomosexual."
"Oh, bless your heart, Timmy!"
by Lenny Dee February 18, 2010
24 8
Someone who is completely retarded (retardation meaning literally someone who is slow) and is also homosexual. Also used as just "slomo"
Kevin: ...and then i told her to screw off and slapped her ass but then this really cute guy came up and I slapped his ass too
Jenkins: dude that guy is such a slomosexual
Eliza: agreed
by 8®00† October 19, 2010
4 1
A slow motion sex tape.
I saw this great slo-mo sexual clip on the internet the other day.
by The White Jap November 20, 2007
2 6