a retarded spelling of "slore" by people with no English skills. A combination of the words "slut" and "whore". Obviously taking the SL from slut and the ORE from whore, to make one uberword for how dirty a bitch is.
seriously? someone thinks whore is spelled hoar? what kind of slore is THAT stupid? oh yea... that guy who thinks the word is spelled sloar.
by Bones311 November 27, 2010
Top Definition
Another way of man refering to woman as a slut and a whore.

A woman that likes to get ravaged by many men and doesn't recall most of there names.

A female that is spread eagle 24/7.
Kris:dude check out the jugs on that.
B-gay:fuck the jugs dog look at the camel toe.
Kris:wow,what a fucking sloar.
B-gay:id still hit it.
Kris:your both sloars.
by 555666 July 14, 2006

ex. Danielle from room 302
Danielle, god, she's such a fucking sloar.
by T. Barbie March 09, 2005
a female or male tramp who is the equivalent of a slut and a whore combined. A cheater and great manipulator.
Why get married if your just going to be a sloar!!
I cant believe you let that sloar go down on you!
by ladytroublet December 08, 2011
the mix between the word slut and hoar
What a f_cking sloar, havin sex with anything that moves.
by Wtrmlmn April 24, 2006
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