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Another way of man refering to woman as a slut and a whore.

A woman that likes to get ravaged by many men and doesn't recall most of there names.

A female that is spread eagle 24/7.
Kris:dude check out the jugs on that.
B-gay:fuck the jugs dog look at the camel toe.
Kris:wow,what a fucking sloar.
B-gay:id still hit it.
Kris:your both sloars.
by 555666 July 14, 2006
another form of slut that likes to be penetrated anytime or any place in her vagina and likes the mans sperm to go directly in her face.
girl:fuck me,fuck me,harder,harder (whats your name again?)
guy:does it matter sluznut?
girl:oh who cares just make sure when you pull out you give me a facial.
by 555666 July 13, 2006
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