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The act of sledding or tobogganing while under the influence of alcohol.
Last Friday, we got loaded and went sloading.
by Vance November 17, 2003
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slowly loading webpage
Man, facebook is sloading; I've been waiting 5 minutes to see her full body shot.
by fx422 September 05, 2008
12 0
Due to slow connections or lag, stuff takes a long time to load sometimes, causing sloading.
"Check this page out! insert URL here"
"Oh man!"
"It's slooooooading i.e. sloading!"
by Grebmops January 16, 2007
11 1
When something loads very slowly.
"My computer is sloading! For fuck's sake!
by alfredopunkin June 28, 2013
3 0
When you have limited bandwidth and your internet is slow, the page is taking long to load.
"My internet sucks, It's sloading!"
by NoSteff August 30, 2013
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Slow loading; Taking a while to buffer.
Yona Put on a movie on Netflix!

Raff Okay will do, mkayy

Yona What's taking so long?!?!?!?!

Raff Its buffering forever, it must be sloading :(
by Rafael Azari 305 November 06, 2012
3 1
When a video on YouTube (or anything else) is loading really slowly.
Caesar: Hey, are we going to watch this video or what?
Fabio: Sorry dude, it's still sloading.
by Commodore Snarky February 08, 2011
2 1
A page or video loading at a exasperatingly slow rate.
Dude I got this really cool site to show you. Aw dammit this thing is sloading.
by atgtatooo October 07, 2010
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