1. Tending or liable cause of slipping or slidding caused by ice, oil, or wet surface
2. something you cause slipping or slidding on the bathroom floor after you jack off, masterbate, or jerked.
1. "that road was slippery"
2. "ah dude, why the f*** did you make the floor all slippery??"
by thom1005 May 01, 2007
Top Definition
Slick; can be slid upon easily.
Slippery when wet.
by Jesse Maddox February 14, 2003
A derogatory nickname for Long John Silver's seafood restaurants. The nickname comes from the fact that the food is very greasy and therefore slippery.
If you're really desperate for food, we could go to Slippery's.
by Eckhard Gerdes December 21, 2006
A slut. A girl that has a constantly wet/slippery vagina. Probably a gaping one.
"Tiffany hooked up with me, Andy, Aaron, Antonio and Jeremy last night. What a fuckin slippery."
by Shaky Tits March 16, 2010
Originated in North Canton,Ohio.
1)When referring to a sneaky little prick.
2)Used as a derogatory name; see prick.
1)Bob is a slippery s.o.b.
2)Hey Slippery!
by G.BRI April 24, 2009
To get so drunk that you cant even see anymore,
you become so blind that you dont know where you are going and look like you are slipping on a slick surface.
dude last night i got so slippery that i fell and everyone was laughing at me.
by Logan Judd March 16, 2007
the only fun way to have sex
oil up your water bed (using baby oil) and you'll have the best sex you've ever had
by Alexius November 06, 2003
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