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The sexual act of masturbating onto a floor, leaving a sticky or slippery mess (depending on floor surface). An action intended to cause discomfort and annoyance to a female partner in the hope that she treads in the newly applied man-porridge.
*guy applies slippery ninja technique, girl walks into room* *squelch*
Girl: Oh my god that's disgusting! Why would you do that on the floor?!
Guy: I am slippery ninja, and as an owner of ovaries, you are the victim of my mischievous ninja deeds!
by Slippery ninja February 28, 2010
When one male sneaks upon another male and inserts (slips) his "ninja" into the anal cavity.
Bob: Rob passed out drunk last night..
so i gave him a SLIPPERY NINJA!
Ralf: WAY TA GO!
by Jon Delacruz May 04, 2006
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