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During this intercourse method, both partners are soaked in olive oil from the neck down. (It is recommended that females put their hair up, because olive oil can look nasty in hair. If the male has long hair, he should do the same.)

The male will be above the female in almost a reverse tit-fuck position, and the female will push her arms back so that her shoulder blades are exposed. The male will then put his dick between the shoulder blades and begin thrusting. This should be easy, considering the two are covered in olive oil. Then, as the male is climaxing, he must flip her over and ejaculate between her tits. This is to represent the melting wax coming from Icarus's wings in the greek mythos.

This position can be harnessed during any lubricated fornication, and the male can go back and fourth from doggy style to slippery icarus.

This method MUST be practiced in full sunlight, perhaps on a balcony or pool deck. The in the greek myth, Icarus used wings made of feathers and wax to escape from a huge tower surrounded by a labyrinth. Icarus flew to high, however, and the heat of the sunlight melted the wax and his wings fell apart. He eventually fell to his death.

tl;dr: Fuck a girl who's lubed up in between the shoulder blades and then jizz on her tits. Make sure it's in full sunlight.
John: Dude, I gave my girlfriend a slippery icarus yesterday.
Bill: Wow man. Your girlfriend always did have huge shoulder blades, it's about time she put them to good use!
John: Yeah, right?
by mephistopheles !kvKbCu6iqc February 24, 2011

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