A slipper is a vagina, a pussy, that warm little pocket found between the legs of the fairer sex!
Girl: "You fancy a slipper tonight?"

Boy: "Yep, yours? Or someone elses?" (while winking!)

Girl: "Were you looking for a pair of slippers?"

Boy: "Now that you mention it, sounds like fun!"
#pussy #vagina #marigold #fanny #minge #quim #vag
by Scoobontheedge October 18, 2008
to use a slipper to spank the buttocks
Don't return home past midnight or I'm gonna slipper you on the bare butt.
#spank #punish #chastise #strike #beat with a slipper or sole of a shoe
by eric sinco September 19, 2007
When a poop slips out of your butt when you aren't expecting it. Usually at the bar.
I was chilling at the pub all relaxed when I smelled something bad. I went to the can and realized I had a slipper. Damn, I had to throw away my drawers.
#silver slipper #shart #skid mark #lazy sphincter #poop
by MontanaStankAss June 11, 2012
Somebody who has been slippin' for so long that they have now slipped and become a slipper.
ME: 'Do you remember that guy...?'

YOU: 'The one who lives on benefits to fund his weed addiction?'

ME: 'Yeah, He got his girlfriend pregnant, on purpose'

YOU: 'He is a slipper!'
#slippin' #slipper #slip #slipped #slipping
by Danny Tannin December 16, 2011
A sly par
Gary holds up small sausage and comments on it.

Dan: Your wife's told me about her experiences with them all the time.

Gary: Whaaa?

The lads: Ahh mate, that was a slipper.
#par #parred #sly #bad #done #goon #partist
by Jaacckk March 14, 2011
When ur fingerin a girl and u jam ur pinky up her ass without telling her.
I gave Ashley the slipper when she was sleeping.
by Bobby A August 08, 2003
A bitch, cunt, slut, whatever you want to call them. anything with a vagine that bitches too much or is ugly as hell is a slipper.
oi check out that cheeky cunt over there
yeah shes a real slipper aint she
shit shes so much of a slipper spreading her legs is on her agenda 24/7

#cunt #bitch #slut #trick #whore #prostitute #etc....
by Novelty4lifeM8 March 09, 2009
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