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A promiscuous female
Dude that girl get's around. She is a total slip n slide.
by mobbles19 March 02, 2011
8 9
When a girl is on top and she rubs her vag up and down your dick while its pinned against your stomach.
This girl gave me the slip n slide for so long my dick is raw.
by throbson October 05, 2006
94 39
A concert or event at which a vast number of females will be there, usually due to a celebrity of some sort that said females fine irresistible.
Steve: Hey man, are you still taking your sister to see The Jonas Brothers tonight?

Bill: Yeah

Steve: Bring a bathing suit man, it's gonna be a slip 'n' slide
by thejonsays February 03, 2011
9 3
Name for when a woman excretes too much lubrication from the vagina. Sometimes nice but sometimes a pain as it can result in a loss of any sensation for both parties during intercourse.
I was trying to have sex with this woman and it became a slip'n'slide.

I could not feel anything as a result of the slip'n'slide.
by Edwin Enrique Velez January 27, 2009
8 2
Yet another term for the female's defining anatomical feature. Best if used while intoxicated, and never directly to said female.
"Man would I like to play on her slip n' slide."
by Cleveland Danny December 27, 2007
18 13
when two people of the opposite sex oil themselves up before banging, making hard to have intercourse without falling all over the place
me and yo mama had a major slip n'slide last night
by Candyman1111111 April 04, 2006
10 6
When she's fucking you on top with a soaking wet pussy and you're on bottom sweating like crazy, she literally slides up and down your body and cock.
It's hands down amazing sex When you're both doing the slip n' slide.
by MakeEmSmile May 16, 2012
3 0
slang for vagina. comes from the slippery secretions of the vagina.
When we get home, I'm going to pull down her pants and play on the slipnslide.
by Cody October 19, 2004
9 6