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Combination of 'slang' and 'lingo'. One's own personal vocabulary of words exclusive to them.
I use Urban Dictionary to expand my slingo.
by Patryk Duffy August 06, 2007
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It's not slang, it's not lingo, but rather a hybrid version of the two words. Created by myself, or so I'd like to think about two years ago =)
Yeah, I'm down with the slingo.

Wow, that's some bizarre slingo he's using.
by mook September 10, 2004
Slingo is a combination of two words- Slang and Lingo. Slang is a language used in subcultures by individuals to communicate in words not used in regular language, also as a substitute for other words.
Lingo is another word for language. It is slang for language. Words in rap songs use slingo.
That slingo is tight over those beats dude.
by Westside Thug Rider December 23, 2009
a popular game played on AOL by people who lack social skills
mmf... yo... mmmf, i just played... mmmf SLINGO!... mmmf
by dekorok June 05, 2003

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