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An incorrigable manwhore, who can't distinguish between classy Bostonian bitches and fake blonde sluts from Slutville. The Slingaling package typically comes with a chiseled bod, an irresistable charm and swagger, but a lack of honestly and morality in general. Slingalings are also noted for their weekly blackout rates (typically 4 nights a week) and the consequential lack of memory, which prevents them from even ackowledging their own slingalingliness. While it is advised to keep a distance from these individuals, you must also keep in mind that a Slingaling is just a self-conscious boy with many insecurites hidden behind a soccer boy facade.
"Trina, who is that repulsive being leaning against that carrot-skinned Barbie at the bar?"
"Dutchess, that would be the Slingaling himself!"
by realtalker798654 April 19, 2010

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