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In bodybuilding slang, slin is short for insulin. Insulin has musclebuilding properties, but if misused, people can overdose from it.
He thought he could get big shooting up with slin, but he overdosed!
by Ace Corona January 01, 2008
Short for insulin; often used among diabetics
She just shot up with her slin.
by rockin diabetic December 29, 2007
a combonation of the words 'slim' and 'thin'
"Wow Roz that meats cut really slin"
by Lindsay April 19, 2005
To playfully lick another person.
After we got done kissing, I had an overwhelming urge to slin her face. Then, apparantly she got the urge to slap mine.
by Dreadprophet March 20, 2008
dirty spic
I fucking hate those god damn slins!
by Cornpwn April 09, 2003

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