When you trick a girl into pleasuring themselves with choclate products and eats the product aftawords, also there must be film evidence
Hey are you going to Slimeball that girl?
by Ashley Gorecki January 21, 2009
Top Definition
someone who has the most slippery slimy personality ever.
person 1: what you doing tonight, seeing the girlfriend?
person 2: which one?
person 1: you absolute slimeball.
by Griffi November 04, 2005
Person of low moral character
Bill Clinton is such a slimeball
by Hillary Clinton August 30, 2003
A person, usually male, that treats one like dirt.
My ex is such a slime ball for cheating on me.
by Dee March 02, 2003
A sneaky person, or someone who is intentionally being a dick.
Luke: Uncle Owen. This R2 unit has a bad motivator. Look.

Owen: I wonder what slimeball would be dirty enough to sell this to us. It's already enough that we're so poor we can't find another dealer.
by pestilenceforever January 22, 2013
(noun) Those fuckers with the slicked back hair that usually end up going to bars and shit like that on Friday, Saturday, Sunday night to see if they can pick up chicks and all they do is walk around with those stupid fucking velvety shirts with their dumbass fat hairy chest exposed to the world, as if they were the sexiest thing on the earth.
Man, that slimeball needs some serious reevaluation of ones life.
by anonymous November 11, 2003
the condition of a man's testicles on an extremely hot and humid day.
"Today was 92 with 80% humidity - i have a major case of slimeballs."
by Tonybotz July 16, 2013
A creepy person who goes sniffing around other peoples girl/boyfriends.
Also somebody who sleeps around alot
Kylie Terret is a massive Slimeball
by Normski54 August 19, 2010
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