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A skinny girl with a bubble butt and a nice pair of boobs
Bruh my bae is slim thick
by Blahhh285 May 08, 2014
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A girl with big/toned thighs, plump booty, normal sized hips AND a flat/toned stomach. These girls are slimmer than "thick girls" but are still considered thick. What really defines a slim thick girl is her big, juicy thighs paired with a slim figure. They can have smaller curves than thick girls (who have an ideal hourglass shape).
Boy #1: look man, that girl has juicy thighs with a slim figure!
Boy #2: yeah man, that girl is slim thick!
by Jenny.V January 08, 2015
A male or female that is in the middle of a thick and slim body type that has potential to become a BBW or it is a way of life and how to keep the body healthy like a temple of thickness
Girl: Hey doesn't Nick look so slim thick in that lingerie Jacket of his?

Girl2: heck yeah he does! Slim thick NICK
by Inihoehoe May 25, 2015

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