The act of rapidly removing aside a desk/table someone is napping on. As the unwary victim has inclined on the table with its full weight, and formed a hand-cushion for the head, denying the table to the napper will cause an instant, unstoppable, head fall to the ground, resulting in, amongst other things, a violent wake up.
Look at the bruise on that guy's forehead; I just gave him a slider!
by Benefactor January 02, 2008
Top Definition
A white castle hamburger, found only in 12 states.
Those things are too small to be enjoyed.
by Zach G. January 17, 2004
A FOX television show premiering in 1995 detailing the dimensional travels, or "Sliding" of Quinn Mallory, Wade Wells, Professor Maximilian Arturo, and Rembrandt 'Crying Man' Brown.
Rembrandt: Being Sliders, what are we going to slide into next Q-ball?
Quinn: How about my ass?
Arturo: Splendid, I second the notion Mr. Mallory!
by Quinn Mallory January 08, 2006
Slang term for White Castle hamburgers. Sliders are small and the actual hamburger patties have holes in them. The term is derived from the way that they, um, "slide" right through your colon. Eating sliders is a leading cause of starfish drool.
After eating a dozen White Castle sliders, I spent half an hour sitting on the toilet.
by Don Wong November 01, 2003
A bowel movement that slides right out and is caused by eating greasy food. Originally, a derogatory term attributed to White Castle hamburgers. Now, the term is unwittingly embraced as mini-hamburgers on menus at White Castle, Chili's, Applebee's, TGI Friday's, Red Robin, etc.
Joe: Can you believe the corporate douch bags put sliders on the menu?

Jim: What is even funnier is that people are ordering an item off the menu that is literally named diarrhea burger.
by ScottBarnwell November 27, 2010
A person who travels through a wormhole to alterante but parallel universes.
Quinn Mallory was the orignial slider. he was from San Fransico. He got killed by a rabid moneky with a laser gun.
by Butthead November 01, 2004
A cheap and greasy hamburger usually eaten in numbers and producing stenchy gas shortly thereafter. See mighty whitey one-bitey.
Man, those sliders were good, but I think we should all roll our windows down if we want to continue breathing.
by Rolland McDollar$ August 26, 2003
A great tv show first aired in mid 90's, starred jerry O'connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks and Jon Rhys Davis. A young student at university of SF discovers a portal to a parallell earth by accident whilst looking to create an anti grav device

First two series are great goes mainly downhill form there.
"You mean we can just, like slide through this and boom we are on another planet"- Sabrina llyods character 'Wade Wells'

Response: "No, same planet different dimension"- 'Quinn mallory' played by Jerry O'connell
by mgr5 June 02, 2005
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