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Noun; Adjective; Verb; Pronoun
1.v. Moving Forward (Derived from the 3 steps ahead technique from chess).
2. n. person who is progressing in life.

-also a person who is considered a party goer.
3. The act of getting drunk and/or high.
4. Focus Forward movement
5. Word describing another person's physical movement away from you.
1. There is only one way we can get sliddy in this business, we need a power move.
2. I began my path on a sliddy aspect to become who I am. Noticing that becoming sliddy would better my chances at progressing.

-I am a Sliddy type of person.
3. I was too sliddy last night.
4. SliddyEnt

5. You need to get sliddy from around me!
by Iam Sliddy June 06, 2013
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