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usally on ground unwilling to get up after achieveing highness. other simptoms are breaking down or in uncomfotable postition and to lazy to repostion themself
after smoking weed you are slerm or slermish
by p fri March 31, 2009
When a teenage boy takes advantage of a girl by engaging in oral sexual activity and then never speaks to her again.
Guy 1: "Dude, what ever happened with Cameron and Melanie last night?"
Guy 2: "Oh, he totally slermed her."
by sL1ce November 08, 2012
A slutty/ promiscuous hermaphrodite.

That's What Slerm Said is also a popular alternative band in the greater Houston Area
Guy: Dude, I heard Pat slept with 6 girls and seven boys this weekend. I mean, just 'cause they have 2 parts doesn't mean they have to use them.

Girl: Yeah, what a slerm
by Scookums January 29, 2008
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