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1 The state of exhaustion where one becomes sloppy
2 The state of fatigue during which one feels that they are incapable of normal physical functioning
"I'm so sleppy after my all nighter I can't stand up!"
by Camp May 03, 2007
A man who the entire senior class looks up to and seeks advice from.Sleppy's tend to be Ranger Fans and can do amazing tricks with a basketball.
Student 1: Hey did you see Sleppy today
Student 2: yeah, he's the man
by Mara100 September 14, 2007
Sleppy is an adjective meaning that someone has homosexual tendencies.

Derived from a teacher who was acting "frooty" and I meant to call him "frooty" but I was sleepy, and it came out "sleppy" when I was trying to say two things at once. It is a good word.
That sleppy ass guy is wearing purple!
by Leese Nicole Pierson October 24, 2004
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