a mixture of the verbs to sleep and to sneeze, a sleeze occurs when someone is sleeping nearby and you either feel a natural sneeze coming on, or you stick something up your nose (i.e. hair clip, belt buckle pointy thing, pencil, tampon, someones finger, etc..) and force a sneeze so you shower them in mucousy goodness. very fun to do on long trips in the car, at parties or anywhere else someone has fallen asleep. WARNING: upon possible awakenment prepare to be hit, bit, burned, pushed, made weird faces at, or even farted on in return.
Jen: Look at him sleeping there. a-a-a-aaa-aaaaachhoooooooo!

Kayla: You just sneezed on him ew! Look at all of the booger nuggets!

Jen: Not a sneeze, a sleeze. :)
by jfrench! August 23, 2008
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