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An over-worked, under-appreciated, loose-hanging vagina.
From the Movie "Borat": "When I buy my wife, at first she cook good, her vagine worked well, she strong on plow, but three years later when she was fifteen, she receive hair on her chest, her voice become deep, and her vagine hang like SLEEVE OF WIZARD."
by doogie06 August 18, 2008
classified also as meat curtains, these vagina lips hang so low that you can hide a village in there. cautionn it's probably moldy.

paris hilton
britney spears
pamela anderson

and about 85 other treadless celebrity vaginas are classified as this..

best to avoid at all costs.
eww shes such a ho. her vagina lips hang low like sleeve of wizard
by lacking in the cracking May 19, 2010
the forskin, the skin on the penis.
oi man last nite i was taking a piss and i got my sleeve of wizard caught in my fly.
by eddie cseresznyes April 06, 2008