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Verb: The act of masturbating while in the midst of deep sleep. The person is not consciously aware of their actions and thus (whether dreaming about it or not) starts masturbating in their sleep. Similar to a wet dream in that it is completely involuntary and uncontrollable.
After spending the night with my friend, my shorts were soaked. I figured I just had a wet dream, but my friend told me that I woke him up because of my furious sleepurbating.
by MadMaxJewDog September 08, 2011
kinda like sleep walking but masturbating
My girlfriend woke me up last night ad told me i was sleepurbating again thats the third time this week
by Pimpopotamus August 07, 2010
the act of masturbating while asleep.
John slept over at my house last night and i woke up in the middle of the night to find him sleepurbating.

So Doc, here is the thing my wife is mad because i am a chronic sleepurbater.
by Clark Willow August 06, 2008
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