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A cross between a sloth and a seal. A.K.A. N.D. Common foods of the sleal: They survive mostly on corn-dogs. Their natural habitat is Sleal Island off the coast of Georgia. Be aware of sleal impersonators. To make sure it is an authentic sleal when encountered always ask them to Deal the Neal. No true Sleal can resist this command! The natural predator of the sleal is Buffalo Wild wings chefs. See, seals are born with wings but they do not grow. That is what the B.W.W. people will harvest. Due to the increasing popularities of boneless thursdays, the sleal population is declining, making finding an authentic sleal VERY rare. If encountered report to local animal patrol IMMEDIATELY! On celebrations of formal events you can see an authentic sleal wearing a kilt or a duct taped suit. Sleals are unable to follow written directions. We think this is due to poor eye sight. Mostly due to continuously hitting ones head with clip boards. To keep one preoccupied will be to drawl a target on a brick wall and tell him to step back and hit their head on the target as hard as they can repeatedly hit it until going threw the wall.
Sleals are very similar to Sid the Sloth off of Ice Age. We believe him to be a distant relative. You can identify a sleal by their characteristics of their laugh. Listen for slealish barks and the clapping of hands, while bouncing in place like tigger.
by Jack Hannan October 21, 2011
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