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Where you take a young, fine, willing(well, usually willing) babe to be Slayed; where the slaying of women occurs often by studly, mustachioed men who resemble the likes of men such as Tom Selleck and or Hugh Jackman

-where mustache rides are heavily sought after but rarely given
--abbreviated Slaytav
This girl wants the D: the Slay Tavern is open for business tonight!!

Yo, slaykat, tryna crash somewhere else tonight? I'm bringin' this girl back to the Slaytav

babe 1- what did you do last nite, slut
babe 2- i spent the nite in the slay tavern, got a mustache ride to die for
babe 1- omg! so jeal!
by slaykats November 27, 2011
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