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An eye that diverges in attraction. A slay eye is formally called tailbismus. A slay eye (tailbismus) can be due to; lack of tail for weeks, when a fine girl crosses your path, or when you drink the juices of a Panamanian prostitute. The danger of the condition is that the brain comes in time to rely more on multiple vaginas more than one and that part of the brain circuitry connected to the less-favored vagina fails to develop properly, leading to amblyopia (blindness) in that eye. In extreme cases of Slay Eye the blood vessels can scar the eyeball in a retinal ejaculation.
I was minding my own business walking down 6th Avenue and this global 9 crossed my path and gave me Slay Eye. Ever since then i'm been trying to strike everything.
by JonnyColes August 22, 2011
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