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1. A unique formula that existed from 1985-1995 composed of equal parts Slash and Axl Rose. Famous for such cultural phenonmenons as "Welcome to the Jungle," "Sweet Child O' Mine" & "November Rain," etc. Damn sexy to both men and women alike.

2. The proverbial whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-the-parts. Slaxl transcends time and space and takes the listener/viewer to a place where Rock 'n' Roll truly stands for sex, drugs, violence, beauty, ugliness, brazen misogyny and even occasional sensitivity.

3. Any photograph of said pairing. Usually Slash and Axl are hugging, touching, leaning on each other, etc.

4. Awesomeness
1. Whenever I see an old picture of Slaxl - my panties get moist.

2. That guy who paired-up Chinese Democracy vocals and Velvet Revolver music has truly proven that Slaxl wins every time.
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by Melanie Skyy September 22, 2010
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1. Noun: The best partnership in hard rock history.
Hipster: I need a cool rock poster for my wall.

Record store clerk: How bout that Slaxl poster over there.

Hipster: That's just a picture of Axl though?

Record store clerk: Hmm, you're right. Needs more Slash.
#slaxlness #slash #axl rose #guns n' roses #izzy stradlin #duff mckagan #buckethead
by GunsNFNRoses September 21, 2010
The end product when someone decides to pair Slash (the Sla- half) with Axl Rose (the -axl half) of Guns N' Roses. Not to be confused with Slacksl, the act of Axl wearing slacks.
1: Slaxl is weird; I mean, I wouldn't want someone pairing me and my ex-best friend together!

2: Apparently there's a video out there of Slash kissing Axl at one of their concerts. I deem Slaxl reality!
#slash #pairing #axl rose #rps #bandslash
by TitaniumBovine September 07, 2010
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