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Word that was made up in the ghetto or hood, that derives from the word "slave", and ultimately means that you are kidding or just messing with someone about something that you find amusing. So it's like he was your slave for a couple of seconds, because you were messing with him, even though you were just kidding.
Ghetto Guy #1- Man sorry I can't go out tonight, my mom be bitching about school

Ghetto Guy #2- I feel ya dog, gotta love that bitch though right

Ghetto Guy #1- Did you just call my mom a bitch homeboy?

Ghetto Guy #2- Chill out dog, imma be slaverin witchu haha
by DJ Piz December 09, 2012
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someone who slobbers alot when they talk
Kaitlyn- hey nicola jimmy just spat at me when he was talking!

Nicola- yeah hes such a slaverin
by moobette February 15, 2010
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