SLAVE is owned completely by her Master

Slave will do as she is told, follow the rules and will always try her best to please her master in any way she can. He comes first in her life above everything else.

Slave is often beaten and abused mentally physically and emotionally by her Master - this is welcomed and can be immensly pleasurable for both parties. Slave can be taken to subspace by the intensity of the pain.

A good slave will sacrifice her dreams to keep her master in her life. She will do this without complaint.

Slave will not complain about the pain she recieves (in whatever format). While he is hurting his slave, she is at the front of her Masters thoughts.

A slave should worship her master. He is her God. He sees everything she does.

A slave may be marked via tattoo, branding or piercing if her Master chooses.

Slave - can i have my hair cut please?
Master - no you can have it trimmed
by slut51ave2 February 13, 2009
slang for office worker. Especially those who work at large corporations.
"Bob is such a slave, he works 12 hours a day and he's on-call at night."

"Man, I can't stand working there, I feel like a slave, doing the same shit over and over again."

"The slave must get back on the wheel. Master angry!"
by William Chan January 08, 2004
1) A person who willing gives them self to a master in a S&M or situation. This person is now controlled by the other or the master.

2) A submissive

1) Isabella gave her self to Tom as his slave her new master and promised to do what ever he said.

2) I am such a submissive I do what ever he tells me too.
by Lizzy Phillips March 10, 2008
The married man
We can't hang out with Jim anymore, he's a slave.
by Your Slave Owner :) October 06, 2010
1) Human excrement in man form who fail's to follow orders from his/her superiors.

2) A living creature who partakes in despicable activities that are best left unknown to the general public.

3) The lowest of the low. A loser
That guy Jimmy is such a slave, he follows none of his orders!
by gmoney1622 October 23, 2009
Being “slaved” by a particular person or artist. Someone who you will do anything for because of something.
“Beyoncé can make me her slave after that performance!!!”

“Gaga made me her fucking slave when she touched me!!!!”
by @afriquanda July 23, 2014
Someone who is owned completely by a better person. Said person must always ober whatever better person says and must worship better master and see the master as a god-like figure. Any slave who is beaten by said better master must accept the beatings as a huge blessing and always be ready to sacrifice slave's own life for the benefit of the master.
The slave is the second lowest creature in the human hierarchy after the 'bitch' which has all the same characteristics as above mentioned slave, except is feminine and short. Any slave confirmed as a bitch must always have her height stated as thirteen inches less than the actual value, to degrade the bitch and remind her of her bitchy non-purpose in life.
My slave is so useful, he carries me to school everyday.
Well, mine is a bitch, and not only does she do all my chores and shit, I can also command her to give me a blowjob when I so feel like as she does not even have to kneel down to get there.
by Slave-a-lot June 15, 2012

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