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A slarf occurs when a member of either sex is performing a rim job on their partner, the partner then proceeds to fart in the others mouth while they inhale the gas in a slurping manner.
Last night Whoppie Goldberg was giving me a nice rim job and I slarffed right into her mouth
by Slarfee October 12, 2009
A word used to describe a sluty, easy woman. Similar to skeezer and can be used interchangeably.
That girl Bri is such a slarf.
by BirdtownSlang August 30, 2013
When a member of the opposite or same sex removes your dangle from any of their lower orifices and proceeds to slobber furiously.

The cousin of the infamous ass to mouth combo.
"You wouldn't think so, but WOW Bridget knows how to slarf."
"It was kinda weird when she started slarfing all over my junk"
"I totally slarfed my boyfriend last night."

by Richard Pierce October 02, 2007
a synonym for Awesome. It is interchangeable with awesome at any time and in any place, situation or context.
Damn yo! Those fritters were slarf !
by Robby Blancooo November 02, 2010
When you rub your sweaty balls and then shake someones hand.
That dick lick is such a sperm burper.I think i'll slarf him.
by RUPPLE STOPPLE March 03, 2003
Very bad food. Food that is badly prepared or of poor quality, slop. Commonly found in school cafeterias or on leftover night.
"Do I really have to eat this slarf?"
by Athene Airheart March 14, 2004
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