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Removing the Bag of wine inside the box of wine and then passing it around, partaking of its sweet nectar as you simultaneously hold, pour, and slap the bag of wine.
"It's time to get drunk! SLAP THE BAG!"
by Nate Beal October 24, 2005
Alternate version of the Slap the Bag game, with the following rules:

- one of the players starts the game holding the bag
- other players call out a name and slap the bag; the called player must drink
- the called player cannot be the player holding the bag; the bag holder is immune while holding the bag
- if the caller misses the bag or is blocked from slapping the bag, they must drink instead
- the player who drinks becomes the holder
Simone! <slap the bag>
by 826bagslapper April 26, 2014
A symbolic gesture of slapping a bag of wine before proceeding to take a pull directly from the nozzle. Usually done in attempt of asking the hangover gods for protection the next morning.
"Hey man, can I get a pull of that franzia?"
"Fuck yeah, but don't forget to slap the bag first."
by slappy franzia January 06, 2014
when a girl slaps a guy's ball sack and then sucks him off (like when you slap a franzia bag and chug)
oh man, i let amber slap the bag last night. i still walk with a limp.
by jbelf July 03, 2010
Discovered during a drunken discussion, Slap The Bag can also be used in conjunction with "getting your dick wet". This is a term which can refer to getting your balls slapped hard by a girl....a last ditch effort to get some play.
"Man, Dusty was so horny last night, he went out and got some bitch to slap the bag"
by Arodri13 July 01, 2009
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