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Slap and nap is the act of masturbating and then using that relaxation to go right into a nap.
"Dang I'm tired and I can't fall asleep, I need to slap and nap"
by BIG deezy fo sheezy May 04, 2009
2 1
This move is very similar to the Slop and Drop, but must be done with a partner. To perform the Slap and Nap, a man has sexual intercourse with a woman. Upon orgasm, the man collapses on top of the woman and falls asleep, thus enhancing both the sexual act and the ensuing nap.
John: "Baby I'm tired, mind if I pull a Slap and Nap on you?"
by toogood June 04, 2007
14 1
To masturbate in one's bed, followed by going to sleep without getting up in between. Can be used as either a verb or a noun.
(n.) I'm tired and horny. I'm going to go for a slap and nap.
(v.) I'm tired and horny. I'm going to slap and nap.
by ARLM September 19, 2010
7 0
To masturbate in the middle of the day, and then fall asleep.
I got off work early, and was able to go home and have a Slap and Nap. I awoke feeling refreshed.
by D-pop February 18, 2014
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