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This move is very similar to the Slop and Drop, but must be done with a partner. To perform the Slap and Nap, a man has sexual intercourse with a woman. Upon orgasm, the man collapses on top of the woman and falls asleep, thus enhancing both the sexual act and the ensuing nap.
John: "Baby I'm tired, mind if I pull a Slap and Nap on you?"
by toogood June 04, 2007
Also known as the Sloppy John after its creator, the Slop and Drop is a technique in which a man masturbates and immediately falls asleep, thus enhancing both the wank and the ensuing nap. For best results, do not move at all following release, not even to wipe yourself off. Similar to the Slap and Nap.
John: I have nothing planned for tonight. I think I'll probably just pull a Slop and Drop.
by toogood June 04, 2007
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