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To insert slang into a perfectly normal sentence in order to reinforce a point, makes someone laugh, or even confuse someone else.
I was scared the other day when my mom tried to slang up her sentence. All my friends did was laugh at her because she used her slang wrong!
by MyMusicAddiction August 21, 2010
A hang up over use of unfamiliar slang by another party.
While eating breakfast at a small diner, a man and his friend were discussing the modern attitude exhibited by the majority of society. "Check dis fire, fam," the friend said, to which the man asked "huh?" "You're so behind the times when it comes to slang" the friend stated while laughing. "No, I was asking because I was uncertain if you were speaking from the point of view of the modern generation or were being facetious while also trying to get my attention to show me something on your phone. It wasn't a slangup, fam" the man replied while also having a laugh.
by BuddhaBesty May 06, 2015

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