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When you discover a lot of new music at once.
I was downloading music yesterday and got on a music bingeing. Now I need to find time to listen to it all!
by MyMusicAddiction August 14, 2010
To insert slang into a perfectly normal sentence in order to reinforce a point, makes someone laugh, or even confuse someone else.
I was scared the other day when my mom tried to slang up her sentence. All my friends did was laugh at her because she used her slang wrong!
by MyMusicAddiction August 21, 2010
A joke that is never funny the second time you hear it, but was extreme funny the first time you heard it. It maybe really annoying if you heard it all the time!
Person 1: Where do one legged ladies work? IHop!
Person 2: Yeah, I have heard that before. It's a one time joke!
by MyMusicAddiction August 19, 2010
Your update feed on facebook. The place where you start when signing into facebook or go to when clinking the "home" tab. The place where you see all of your facebook friends updated status and such if you haven't blocked them.
I noticed that my best friend broken up with her boyfriend when I signed in and saw my facebase. I knew she would be calling me soon to talk about it.
by MyMusicAddiction August 21, 2010
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