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Great, Wonderous, Nothing Short of THE BEST
These Cheetos are SLAMMIN!
by Slam_i_am March 10, 2003
1. adj. Something which is very good.
2. vt. to inject a drug intravenously
1. "Dude, this Lobster Bisque is SLAMMIN"
2. "SLAMMIN dope is not what it used to be."
by mainframe October 31, 2003
Hot shit.
Man that honey has a slammin ass on her.
That new ride is slammin MOFO.
by ive-ree August 26, 2003
very attractive physically, tight body, etc.
That chick is slammin'!
by tbonk January 20, 2004
instyle,cool, hip
Those jeans are slammin.
by Cait/Eileen January 30, 2003
Something top notch,well above average standard.Usually referring to parts of hot females.
Wow katie you've got a slammin arse
by Tweach May 19, 2011
to fuck a person real hard to make them scream
I'll be slammin that bitch soon.
by DaSheSlimShady November 09, 2003